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Unreal Engine Asset Management Library


November 1st 2020

Vault is now open for public testing. Come check it out on Github.

Vault has been in development for over a year now, so im super excited and nervous about how you will find it, it's been a big passion project for me, and taken a tonne of learning, but I feel strongly that it's a useful tool, and I hope you will find the same. Please use the github issue tracker for any bugs, and come join the Discord if you want too.

A shared asset library for you and your team

I have been working in Film and TV for a long time, and it's so common to jump between projects on a frequent basis. The same goes for my passion of games development, I jump across Unreal projects super often. One thing I love about Unreal is the Launcher marketplace. When I jump project, its there ready to populate my scenes with assets quickly. What I wanted though, was a way to share my assets, and those generated by the teams I worked with, in a similar way, to re-use and recycle to speed up production. This is the inspiration behind the Vault plugin. The Vault allows you to:

Open Source and FREE!*

We want everyone to enjoy using Vault, and to open it up to the community for new features and requests. The plan is to open source Vault through Github, once it gets to a solid Beta Release. ITS OUT NOW! Once we reach release 1.0, hopefully also open distribution of a pre-build plugin to the Unreal Marketplace

* I plan to keep Vault free, but this may change depending on circumstances. It may be that with all the work invested in Vault, I may explore financial support in other ways. The goal is to always keep it free.

Quick Start Guide (Playlist)

Publisher UI Example

Click Image for a larger view

Vault Publisher

Easily package your favourite assets, with all their dependancies, through a comprehensive UI, with full metadata and tagging support

Add custom tags or re-use existing ones. The Tag pool is shared with all your team, and any new tags you make get added to the pool

Capture thumbnails within the publisher, utilise a included preset template to get great images, and share consistency between assets.

Visualise your pack list before you commit

In-built output log just for vault logging let's you check everything went as planned

Vault Loader

Recall any packaged asset packs from the Loader UI

Powerful live search to find what you need, quickly

Utilise metadata filtering to narrow the choice to just what you need

Edit metadata via your favourite JSON tool, triggered from within the Loader


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JSON based configuration

Vault settings are broken down into local user settings, and global cross-project settings, allowing any sized team to work efficently without having to re-set things up between projects

A shared global tags pool, allowing reuse of existing tags to keep things clean and efficient.

Metadata for all your packages is written out as .meta files, which is a json formatted document with all the information of the asset pack. Edit any assets meta with ease.

Full Python & Blueprint Scripting Support (Future Release)

The UI handles everything you need, but if you wanted to automate or pipeline, The Vault will also comes with a blueprint library, with full support for both Python and Editor Scripting through blueprint. This makes it easy to bulk through your backlog of assets, to get that asset library populated quickly.

Example Python for publishing:

import unreal as ue

selection = EditorUtilityLibrary.get_selected_assets()

ue.VaultLibrary.package(selection, selection[0].get_name(), ue.VaultLibrary.get_developer_name(), "AutoPackaged By Python")

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Vault be released?

The plan is to release the Vault late 2020 as an open source plugin

What platforms will it support?

The plan is to support Windows, Linux and Mac. Initially the development is focused on Windows, but wherever possible platform agnostic approaches are used, so support for all platforms will happen. The release may be stagged so Windows support will come first, with linux, and then mac thereafter.

How much will it cost?

This is still TBD, but the plan is to release it free as an open source plugin on Github, so everyone can give it a go.